Tuesday, 20 September 2011


With the Simultanious growth of technology in the time of 19th and 20th century, especially the tractor, and after that,the Combined harvester, then, farming tasks would be grown with a high speed. These advanced technologies, joined with science-driven technologies in methods, techniques and resources, have led to effective modern farms in the india, United States, Argentina, Israel, Germany and someother other nations to make high volume and high quality produced per farmer.The huge development in railway and highway Departments that, increased use of container shipping and condomination in developed countries have also been important to the growth of technologised agriculture.
            The chemical fertilizer and pesticide have produced since from the 19th century, their use grew fastly in the early 20th century. before the production of chemical fertilizers, the organic cultivation was widely used as a fertilizer, though not expensive. Borlaug and other scientists from Norman began developing the crops that gives high yields in the Mexico in 1940's. They where work together to bring the Green Revolution in their country.Other type in the scientific research till 1950 in the agriculture it includes gene manipulation.


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