Monday, 26 September 2011

BronzeAge Period:

In the time of Bronze Age, the wild grains and foods had an important role in the nutritionally insignificant products to the food products. If the effortive definition of  theagriculture contains large Value of effective cultivation of land, mono-cropping,  customized irrigation, and use of the specialized labour force, the name "inventors of  agriculture" will goes to the Sumerians 5500 BC. Intensive farming gives a more amount of  population that would be supported by the hunting and gathering.


The ability of the farmers  that feeds the large number of peoples who have nothing to do with agriculture was the  crucial factor. Sumerian agriculture supported a substantial territorial expansion which  along with internecine conflict between cities, made them the first empire builders. No long  after the sumerians, the Egyptians, diverted by farming in the fertile Nile valley, achieved a population growth from which enough warriors could be drawn for a territorial expansion more than tripling the Sumerian empire in area.


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