Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Important Crops in Tamilnadu

The Important food crops that are cultivated likely rice, maize, jowar (cholam), bajra (cumbu), Redgram, Greengram, ragi and pulses (Bengalgram, Redgram, Greengram, Blackgram and Horsegram). The cash crops like sugarcane, oilseeds,cotton,coffee, tea, gingelly, rubber, coconut and chillies. Mostly produced horticultural products are bananas and mangoes only.The state which is the largest producer and cultivater of flowers,bananas,tapioca, the second largest producer and cultivater of mangoes,coconut, natural rubber, groundnut and the third largest producer and cultivater of tea, sapota, coffee and sugarcane.Tamil Nadu's cultivation yield of sugarcane per hectare is the highest yield in comparing to the other states of India.

Tamilnadu state has 17,000 hectares of Field under oil palm and coconut cultivation,the second highest yield in comparing to the other states in India. Paddy is Cultivated in large amount of hectares, because rice is the only main staple and tasty food of Tamilnadu. There are mainly three crops based on duration and season. The first crop is the ‘Kuruvai’ (the short term crop which is cultivated mostly in tanjore) within the duration of three and a half to four months from June,July,Oct,Nov. The second one is the ‘Thaladi’ that crop grown within in 5 to 6 months Oct, Nov, Feb, March. Third one is 'Samba' sagubadi and it will grown in the duration of 6 months from Aug to January.


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