Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Farmers Plowing and their Sources

In Summer days, barley was the crop that cultivated mostly and primarily. Wheat, dates, flax, plums, applesand grapes were also grown at the time. The flooding,along with the salt deposits on the soils, made cultivation very difficult in Mesopotamia. Sheep, cattles and goats were cared out and kept mainly for the purpose of meat, milk, butter and cheese were produced from the latter years.The labours has maintained storehouses, work foremen,and harvest inchargers to feed and suplement labourers. Agricultural products were given to the temple personnel,royal people in the specific community, and small farmers.

The land was plowed and cultivated by the teams of the oxen pulling light unwheeled plows and grain were harvested by sickles in the spring season. Animals were harnessed by collars, yokes, and headstalls. They were controlled and used for plowing by reins, stick to beat them and a ring on the nose or upper lip. In taht four animals can able to take the wagon at one time. The horse was domesticated and used for plowing in Ukraine at 4000 BC, and the Sumerians at 2000 BC.


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