Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ancient INDIAN Agriculture

Wheat,rice, barley, and jute were cultivated by the subcontinents of India by 9000 BCE; Domestication of sheep's and goat's are soon followed. Rice, Barley and wheat cultivated — along with the cattle's, primarily sheep and goat—continued in Mehrgarh culture by 8000-6000 BCE.This period is also to saw the first elephant domestication.In India we have threshed,planted crops in fields for good food safety and stored grain in granaries for both sales and for our food needablity.
                  In the 5th millennium the agricultural fields and family's became to spread on Kashmir.Cotton was cultivated by the 5th millennium -4th millennium farmer's.The scientificial evidence Proves that rice became a part of the Indian Food by 8000.A number of cultures have done an perfect rice cultivation,like China, India, and the other countries in Southeast Asia. Irrigation and cultivation was developed in the Indus Valley project around 4500 BCE.A clear evidence of an animal-drawn  plough to 2500 land areas in the Indus Valley project.


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