Thursday, 4 August 2011

India is an intermittent importer of EU wheat (graph 14). Having been a small net exporter of wheat since 1999/00, India became a net importer in 2006/07. The EU’s wheat exports were worth €120 million in 2006, equivalent to one third of the value of exports. Exports of whiskies have grown fourfold from 1999 to 2006 and now account for 10% of export sales. Dried peas accounted for 6% of exports in 2006 but have fluctuated over the period.The value of agricultural exports from the EU to India is only about €250 million (average 2004-2006). India accounts for less than 0.5% percent of the EU’s total agricultural exports. Meanwhile the EU imports €1.3 billion worth of agri-food products from India, equivalent to 2% of the EU’s global agri-food imports. This is just half the value of the EU’s imports from China. India ranks as the 12th most important EU supplier.The breakdown of the EU’s exports to India is shown in graph 13. In 2004-2006 wheat was the EU’s top agricultural export to India, valued at €40 million and accounting for 16% of exports. Scotch whisky exports were worth €32 million, around 13% of exports. Exports of raw wool and hides for further processing in the Indian textile industry were valued at €18 and €14 million respectively. Dried peas were €11 million. Other specialised products are exported to India, such as vegetable seeds (€6 million), wine and olive oil both valued at around €4 million.


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